Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Looky what I got

Like most of you I was in the ranks of the early risers trying to bag a few on-line items. However having logged on bright and early I was surprised to see the site had crashed and was left disappointed not to even get a look at the shop front, but the apology or "try again" message. I was a bit gutted, particularly seeing items appearing on ebay throughout the day for double the price.

Anyway this weekend I took a trip to London town to visit some girlfriends and Monday morning we decided to take a shopping trip. We stumbled into H&M on Oxford Street and busy browsing I came across a very familiar t shirt... only the Lanvin for H&M t shirt I wanted, see my Je voudrais blog post. I couldn't believe it! Even the other H&M staff looked surprised by what I was purchasing. Chuffed is not the word. Not only had it been a very successful shopping trip (some new boots) but now I have the highly desirable t shirt I was craving which is now hanging on my bedroom wall like art.

Don't worry it will get worn. A Christmas party is the top of my Lanvin t shirt outing list.

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