Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mulberry Behind the Scene's

I love a bit of fashion TV and love the competition on Gok's Fashion Fix or the more recent Fashion Roadshow.  The fight is between him and the over-excitable but knowledgeable Brix Smith-Start of Start boutique. Whilst I can only afford the high street, I love the styling from Brix and her choice of outfits, she's got a great eye. I think the star feature of the show has to be the 'behind the design scene's' where Brix scours the country to  visit brands based in Great Britain, such as Barbour, Harris Tweed, Christys' Hats, Mulberry amongst others to get the best quality designer pieces and gets to witness the production stages. 

I love this idea, not only does this excite the fashion geek within me, that's slightly anal and loves to see how such things are brought to life, but it also satisfies revealing the craftsmanship and heritage behind brands which are still based in the UK. Observing the detail, the, albeit edited, man hours and love and care put into them, makes them somehow more desirable. My favourite feature was at Mulberry. Here is the link for Gok's Fashion Fix from last year a look at how the iconic Bayswater bag is made. (jump to 30:30)

Brix Smith Start I <3 you... and want your job.

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