Friday, 4 February 2011

FYI - DIY Idea

I am somewhat envious of the ease and elegance some people have when wearing certain pieces of clothing, without a whiff of self conciousness. I am afraid to say I am the latter but I saw this detail on BCBG Spring/Summer catwalk, and whilst I know this is nothing new, it sparked a little DIY project  that could kick my paranoia into confidence.

A simple sheer cape-let or t-shirt top (as they are my got to piece), either oversized or cropped could add the elegance to any strappy top or dress whilst also giving me the much needed confidence to pull it off. The sheer yet slight coverage would hide certain concerns of mine but add a sensual sophisticated twist by giving you a peek without having to brave the a bare back or décolletage! A project I'm sure to bring out again and again particularly for summer. So the FYI - DIY out comes the silk chiffons and the sewing machine.

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