Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chance Classic's

I love my classics and the Breton striped top has to be one of them - its the international classic. I discovered this website the other day called Chance founded by Julia Leach who has a great concept for stripy top lovers.

 "The striped t-shirt is the paper clip of personal style." 

I love that!

"There's at least one in every drawer, and it's coveted and collected thanks to its simplicity and timeless appeal. The espadrille, canvas tote, and button-down shirt join this item as the cornerstones of the Chance concept"

all of these feature among many a wardrobe and feature quite heavily in mine and f.y.i. the chambray shirt looks the perfect shade.

"Classics that travel the world. Each represents a relaxed, confident sense of style, a curious spirit, and a more minimalist than maximalist approach to living and dressing", right up my street then. The website is clean, crisp and the products look great quality everything you would expect from someone with this sort of vision. Go check out Chance here if minimalist dressing or stripes are your forte.

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