Thursday, 13 January 2011

Perfectly Wonderful Amounts Of Neglect

I love fashion, I love art, I love travel, I love architecture, and I love nothing more than all this combined - whether its shot in a derilict building or weathered street. Rustic, chic, history and texture combined with beautiful contrasting glamour, luxury and fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker summed it up beautifully here for me in the Vogue video for her cover shoot.

"perfectly wonderful amounts of neglect"

I wish I had coined it myself. I've long been a fan of the rustic architecture and shabby chic decor synonymous with the continent. The beautiful ruins of the architecture in Havana - a nod to the history. When combined with fashion...its a dream.


All Vogue, British and American -a well travelled team. I need to go to Havana, I've done endless research and based projects around it but never visited, perhaps I'll put that on my 2011 to do list.

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