Monday, 31 January 2011

2011 The Year Of The Lipstick?

Season after season all sources of inspiration are continually exhausted and regurgitated. Whilst 2010 saw a mixture of all types of trends in the fashion and beauty stakes. The big beauty trend saw nails being transformed into all sorts of colours, patterns and shapes. Nail wraps hit the mainstream and bottles of Chanel nail varnish hit insane prices when re-sold on eBay. But what for 2011? Perhaps it will be the year of the lipstick.

Lipstick has long been a feature yet has never seemed quite so popular or filtered down to the high street so much as it has now. What with Topshop launching there own make-up range, and Mac's continual celebrity endorsements, lipstick is finally on the radar and I think will prove a strong trend for 2011. A relatively inexpensive way to make a statement, reinvention or a simple update of your look, everyone has a white t-shirt to channel Raf Simons interpretation at Jil Sander. Its all about the right shade and whether you chose a classic red, contemporary neon,  Morticia Adams plums or any colour in-between, I'm sure it will pack a much needed punch for twenty eleven trends.