Thursday, 16 September 2010

Spring Summer 2011 Tassels?

Whilst the spring/summer 2011 collections are already in full swing, NY Fashion Week already over!!! I thought post about a detail I've been keeping my eye on lately, Tassels. Will they or won't they be a trend next summer? I suppose we'll soon see. I'm sure, like me, a lot of you like to browse blogs and I came across some great images of tassels at they're best...

They're a great way of adding interest and a bit of glamour to a basic item. Images here from the cherry blossom girl, Zara and Tommy ton shows these details off beautifully. I particularly love the colour combination of the last image.

 Julian Louie's Spring Summer 2011 collection displayed them as accessories and adorned to garments. A very small but beautifully constructed collection with tassels as a complement.

Perhaps handicrafts will make a return next year, I'll definitely be looking out for some.

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