Friday, 18 March 2011

Luxury. With a Wink

I'm a huge fan of these novelty necklaces and for those of you that loved Katie Hillier's paper clip animal pendants, what I have found should fill you with great excitement. Well, it did me anyway. Found here on Etsy for a mere £2.90 (roughly), novelty paper clips in all shapes of animals! Seeing these reminded me of the novel necklaces and spawned an FYI - Idea. Why not hook them on a chain and create your own necklace? You could even get them gold plated to get the look. Katie Hillier has designed for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Luella and continues to collaborate and design her own kooky collections or as she likes to call it 'Luxury. With a Wink.' But for those of us who can't afford that luxury why not try this diy budget version, with a wink to luxury.

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