Sunday, 27 March 2011

Great Read

My usual browse of the internet resulted in this;

Rediscovered Marta's blog - I read it along while ago and loved this Parisian girls style but lost her website but I am glad to say I have found her again, check her out here;

Such inspiring images makes me want to travel and do very Parisian things.

Wanting to travel lead me to the National Geographic and where to travel for 2011 - hmm where to go? Always such influential photography.

I'm noticing a bit of a theme this week, think I'm craving past traditions - our annual trip to France. We used to go every year, but I have not been for about 6 years now so think a trip to France may be on the cards.

Think I may have got myself some work experience sorted out, in fashion buying! Exciting times and much needed.

And fyi - take a look at my ebay shop and stay tuned in I've got some great bags to sell. Raided my mum's cupboards the other day - and I think its safe to say she was a bit of an oniomaniac at some point, haha, but boy there's some good stuff and all vintage! So if you fancy something one of a kind and rare have a look. Hope you've had a good weekend!