Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hermione's all grown up.

Harry Potter fans will be delighted to hear the latest of the never ending movies latest edition has recently been released. I must admit I'm not a fan, so shoot me, but Emma Watson I find quite intriguing. Her latest crop was a reaction to the end of her Harry Potter filming days and chance to step away from her character Hermione Granger. The new do suggests her days as a girl are over and she is becoming a well groomed fashionable young woman.

How amazing did she look at the latest London Premiere? I think she looks knock out. I wasn't 100% convinsed when I first caught glimpse of her elfin locks but this sophisticated shinny side sweep looks so elegant and hip. Whilst I wouldn't condone see through lace on most people I think she is young enough and contrasted with the sophisticated hair she's pulled it off. Hermoine's all grown up and one to watch!

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