Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cut off point for Cut Offs???

Cut offs, a classic; a staple. Whether your style is Audrey Hepburn; preppy and polished or models off duty; grungy and casual. Whatever your street style they're wearable season after season. I ask you... 'whats the cut off point when it comes to your cut offs?' Admittedly with the English summer it can be very unclear. However we still have a few weeks left so get yours quick before the sun goes in for good!... Come on girls get your legs out while theres still a chance.

Check out my ebay store, I'm selling a great pair of vintage white cut offs. Wear them high waisted dressed up or down. Get your white grunge on a la French Vogue, or have a summer romance a la Natalia. Quick get them before they go!!!

images courtesy of Fashionising, Teen Vogue, Fashion Victims.

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