Friday, 27 May 2011

The Same But Different

I have always loved this image from The Sartorialist (I think) - are you like me and keep stock on your computer of every image you find inspirational for whatever reason? Well my computer hates me for it, and runs very slow because of that very fact! But I do and this is an image I love, colour blocking is obviously a huge trend for spring summer, but here's colour blocking autumnal stlyie. I was reminded of it today when I was busy listing stuff to sell on ebay and by chance happened to be wearing something - the same but different. I am selling this Indian leather envelope clutch bag another huge trend! I hope it sells well as I love it and am not really sure if I want to part with it. 

Check it out here. It used to be my mothers, we had a huge clear out the other week and I think is safe to say my mum was a crazy bag lady but hey aren't we all at some point? We discovered a ridiculous amount of bags, most of which I am now selling but I have kept a few goodies I will post on here later. Please check out my ebay shop for some genuine vintage evening bags!

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